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Replied by LadyGrimes on topic Random daily chit-chat

Yeah I have some real morons living in my building. Oh and a creepy serial killer rapist now too! SMH And I probably won't ever know the truth about him because of that fuckin hipa law

It sickens me that people like this guy are protected! He tried to get me to come up to his apartment, and I just have this sickening feeling had I gone, I would not have come back.

Sorry I'm still venting about that but I am really freaked out and now I have to look over my shoulder when I go downstairs to do anything, whether its checking the mail or taking out the trash. But I swear next time he says anything to me I'm gonna ask for his apartment number and then I'm reporting his ass and getting a restraining order.

Also I can't be the only female hes done this to and he only acted that way cause we were alone at the time. And whatever he did he probably got off on not guilty by reason of insanity, well not so insane if he knows when to harass someone when there's no one else around huh? I really question the fucking legal system.

Thank you @AB for my adorable new avatar! <3
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