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Replied by LadyGrimes on topic Robotech/TWD Crossover

DR-052 wrote:

LadyGrimes wrote:
I'd like to think that any aliens who have similar DNA to humans would be susceptible to it...

No, the reason Monkeys are used so much in testing is that there are only a few genes that separate humans from monkeys, yet there are a number of diseases that don't transfer one way or the other (though some do), but then some transfer from chickens or pigs as well. So, it's really just hit or miss on that part. It's even hit or miss within a species, that's why some people are immune, their genes are just different enough in just the right way.

LadyGrimes wrote: I'd like to think such a virus would be created by accident. One idea I had was that it could be the result of an attempt to clone and weaponize the flower of life by creating some type of hybrid that would be fatal to the invid and other alien races. The downside of that of course would be that the spores of the hybrid flower are what cause the re-animation of the dead after someone has breathed in those spores. Then of course the other method of transferring the virus would be through bites.

An interesting concept, one that could (or should I say would) play out in a "Rifts / Robotech" universe.

If the outbreak started on Earth do you think it would be wise to quarantine the whole planet? Especially if there was no cure. This would mean that any military personnel on earth would also be left behind, like those who would've tried to set up safe zones and secure certain areas. I think it would turn into a really ugly war.

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