Robotech At Comic Con 2014

There should be no shortage of sweaty and smelly nerds this year due to the forecast hot and muggy weather at San Diego Comic Con International. The convention brings along the Robotech Convention Tour with Tommy Yune and Steve Yun showcasing a special panel preview of Robotech Academy Thursday July, 24th at 7PM in panel room 6DE. Also join the RobotechX crew's fan table in the mezzanine level MZ08. We'll have a few giveaways and special guests.

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Tony Oliver - Admiral Rick Hunter

Tony Oliver -- Rick Hunter, Rick Hunter, Rick Hunter! Got your attention? Good. Check out the Good Nerd Bad Nerd exclusive HG casting interview that reveals a returning voice actor in the latest chapter of Robotech Saga, Robotech Academy. Yes fans, without a question one of the most popular characters in the Robotech universe is to return. How big of a part will he play is yet to be seen. This development is surely to fuel IP arguments across all message boards

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RTACADEMY get animated!

Its good to see that HG is really motivated by posting update after update on the Robotech Academy Kickstarter Project. They've added a new Lt. General awards tier due to the popularity of the Vice Admiral one. A cool $6,000 buys you a "chance to be immortalized as an anime character!" Are you going to be one of those backers?

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RT Academy Update #15

More updates from the Robotech Academy Kickstarter Project. Imagine if the powers at be did these many updates toward the franchise. They'd have dozens of new episodes complete. In any case, Update #15 includes Robotech Academy sweatshirts, baseball caps, mousepads and Svea Macek authographed posters.

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Robotech Academy -- Kicktraq Mini

How is the Kickstarter for ROBOTECH Academy going you ask? So far, on day 6 as of the writing of this article is $97,375 (19% funded). According to the Kickstarter tracking website Kicktraq charts. At the current rate. Fulll funding is expected to be met on the 26th day.

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