New Writer for RLAM - Tom Rob Smith

As we all know, not hearing a peep about ROBOTECH projects is nothing new to the fandom. The Robotech Live Action Movie is no different. This time there is actually something to talk about. According to an exclusive at "Tom Rob Smith has taken over writing duties on the project."

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Wired Magazine Submission CycloneIts HALLOWEEN and we want to wish everyone a safe and happy one!

Appropriately enough solicited images for Reader's Best Geeky Halloween Costume. One of the submitted images that made the cut is a Robotech Cyclone costume by Chris Lee!

Check out the Cyclone and other costumes at's website here.

Kasdan Script Out, Smallville In?

Kasdan Replaced By Smallville writersAccording to the Hollywood Reporter, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and TV's Smallville) have signed on to write the script for the upcoming Robotech Live Action Movie.

What we would like to know is what happened to Lawrence Kasdan's (Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Empire Strikes Back) draft? Did he just write the first draft? Were Gough and Millar brought on to spice things up on a more contemporary level? Will veritech fighters wear capes now? Join us as we speculate.

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"We're just working on the script right now"

Chuck Roven interview on Scream 2008 AwardsNews on the upcoming ROBOTECH Live-Action Movie is like drinking a thick milk shake through a straw the size of a coffee stirrer. But thanks to a Chuck Roven interview by at the Scream 2008 Awards, we sip a bit of that tasty shake!

In the interview he answers some of the immediate questions fans have about the movie. Click on the read more link to see the interview and to find out if Tobey McGuire will be playing the lead role!